Latest Coronet Hairstyles for this Season

Hairstyles for this Season

Flower updo hairstyle looks really fabulous and elegant. It is easy to create and looks stunning. To create a braided flower hairstyle, you need to first choose natural flowers or material flowers suitable to your dress color. It should be contrast to your hair color. Comb your hair and create a ponytail. Now divide the hair into three parts and start to braid each section. You need to pull the edges of the braid in the outward direction. Bend the section of the hair separately and tighten it with a bobby pin. Now, hide the ends of the hair by tucking or folding them below a thick braid.

Latest Coronet Hairstyles

Messy fishtail bun is a charming hairstyle that totally catches the entire crowd’s eyes on your hairstyle. It provides a fun and elegant look. To create a messy fishtail bun, first divide your hair into two equal sections. You have to start from the middle and divide. Now start to create fishtail braids one after the other. Fix the ends of the hair with elastic bands. Twist it and pin it beneath your neck. These coronet hairstyles remain suitable for both wedding and casual events. Once you start to learn few braids, you can start to create your own braid using your creativity. When it is decorated with flowers, it will appear like a versatile hairstyle.

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