Is Zumba More Of A Fashion Or A Real Beneficial Workout?

Is Zumba More Of A Fashion Or A Real Beneficial WorkoutPeople are going crazy for Zumba in the UK. Part exercise part dance, it has quickly grown in popularity, spreading to all parts of the country. Highly fashionable, there has been some backlash from individuals wondering whether or not Zumba is a real beneficial workout or just a fashionable trend that will fade like many others. Let us take a moment to answer this question once and for all by looking at what people do in Zumba and how it affects the body.

So, Is Zumba A Legitimate Workout?

The simple answer is that it is indeed a legitimate workout. Zumba is a legitimate workout because it engages people in aerobic exercise that involves moving the body. With elements of concentration and assuming various poses, people train their bodies to be more flexible while also burning calories in cardiovascular exercise. Including brief bits of high intensity workout with slower recovery work, a Zumba exercise can be quite challenging depending on the class.

One reason people question if Zumba is a fashion or real beneficial workout is because it has only been around for 26 years. Created in 1990 by Beto Perez in Columbia, he quickly moved to the United States where it took off. Teaming up with his cofounder and childhood friend in 2001, he successfully marketed Zumba around the world. Currently there are more than 15 million people taking classes every week in more than 15,000 locations spread across 180 countries. Not bad for only 26 years of popularizing a form of exercise.

Of course, there’s also the fact that people who favor this workout spend a considerable amount of money in their gear. Clad in fashionable Zumba shoes and high tech sports clothes, Zumba goers look like they’re going to a fashion event rather than a workout session.

The Zumba Class

Zumba manages to make exercising more engaging by tying together aspects of aerobatics and dance into a continuous motion exercise. With things like squats, lunges, and many other traditional exercise techniques rolled into a single flowing experience, Zumba classes are often taught with fast paced music like hip-hop, soca, samba, merengue, mambo, and salsa. Along with being able to take classes at locations all over the world, you can rent Zumba DVD’s as well as instructional materials to help make your experience as rewarding and challenging, as you want it to be.

Getting Into Zumba Yourself

One of the greatest benefits of Zumba is that you can engage it at any existing level of physical fitness. You can do it with the social support of a class or do it on your own by either following videos online or purchasing a DVD. Either way, you can begin to build up your strength and gradually expand your ability as you engage in this fun and exciting exercise. A big problem that many people have is that Zumba can be incredibly fun and at times it will not feel like exercise. Those accustomed to suffering as they exercise might find Zumba to be ‘fake’ or ‘artificial’ because it makes staying healthy fun and engaging.

If you are interested in doing Zumba yourself, then consider watching a video of a class to see if you would enjoy it. Rather than doing it at home, search for the closest class around you and start attending. While Zumba at home means that you can exercise in the privacy of your own home, doing Zumba with a group will get your heart pounding and keep you motivated through an entire routine. It is far easier to do when doing it with other people.

So what are you waiting for? While relatively new, Zumba has shown itself to be a taxing aerobic exercise that helps strengthen your body. More than just a fashion, it is a great way to get in shape and keep the weight off.

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