How Electronic Music Became an Important Part of Fashion Shows

Since when did electronic music become such an important part of fashion shows Electric Dance Music (EDM) has become incredibly popular in just the last few years, literally sweeping the nation – and the rest of the world – in a way that many people could never have expected or anticipated.

EDM certainly isn’t the newest musical style by any stretch of the imagination, but it has quickly become maybe the most popular in just the last two or three years. You’ll hear EDM much anywhere and everywhere these days, but you’ll especially here EDM when you go to fashion shows.

Here’s why!

Fashion shows are always trying to stay ahead of the curve

The overwhelming majority of fashion shows held all over the world – both major and minor events – are all about showcasing everything new, everything popular, and everything that is going to become the “next big thing”.

Because of this focus on the future of fashion and culture, these shows almost always choose popular music to represent them at these events. With the EDM completely sweeping the world and quickly becoming the dominant force in the musical industry, it’s easy to see why those that are fashion forward are using EDM at all of their shows.

EDM is almost always instrumental and upbeat

Because the bulk of the focus at a fashion show is supposed to be on (surprise, surprise) the actual fashion pieces themselves, EDM is perfect because it is almost always instrumental (meaning there are no vocals) and won’t try and take over the clothes or fashion pieces themselves.

On top of that, EDM is almost universally upbeat, exciting, happy, and energetic – and that’s exactly what people are looking for when it comes to a fashion show. They don’t want people to be worrying about their hassle and their headache, they don’t want people to be thinking about their day to day worries, and they don’t want people to feel like they are at just another event.

Instead, they want to be able to use the music, the lights, and the culture of these experiences to transport them to something truly special, something truly unique, and something almost fantasy like.

With EDM all of this is possible. You’re going to find that the music sort of AIDS into the background while at the same time completely colors the show itself. There’s something about the blend of the beat that comes out of powerful DJ speakers and the fashion, combined with the lights and the pageantry, and that amplifies each element to create a truly memorable experience.

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