Why self-balancing scooters are starting a new fashion trend?

EROVER Two Wheels

Self-balancing scooters have recently taken the world by storm. Celebrities have jumped straight on the band waggon and the rest of the world is quickly following suit! The most tech forward countries in the world such as China and America have seen sales of these clever products rise dramatically since May of this year and it could definitely be said that self-balancing scooters are the fashion tech trend of 2015.

What are self-balancing scooters?

Self-balancing scooters are essentially an electric skateboard on wheels. The tech and the design is reminiscent of the previously popular Segway, but this new development has eradicated the bulkiness and the unnecessary extras to form a streamlined device that is light and easy to transport. However, although the benefits of a smaller model are numerous, the lack of a handle means that there is a certain level of skill and technique needed to use one of these and an incredible level of core balance. If you looking to purchase one then you can find reviews of the best self balancing scooters online at sites like ChooseWheels.

How does it work?

As the name suggests the scooter is directed by the balance of the user. For example, if you want to forward you would lean forward slightly, and if you want to backwards you lead backwards slightly. This can be pretty difficult to get right, and you should expect a few mishaps along the way. Although, even if you can’t get the balance quite right you shouldn’t cause yourself too much damage as the scooter itself only reaches a maximum of 6 mph. The scooters are battery powered, and are usually made from pretty durable materials.

Where do they come from?

It will not surprise you to know that the self-balancing scooter originated and was developed in China. It’s thought that the first scooter was debuted on the market around August 2014 and was called the Smart S1. There was a huge buzz around it and many other Chinese companies as well as American companies recognised the excellence of the profitable product and put to work to develop their own versions. By 2015 the market is swimming with products from all different companies. The price range is pretty big and you can find models from around $600 to $1,800, although essentially each model is the same. The more expensive ones may have a few added mod cons such as flashing lights or Bluetooth speakers, but the basic technology is consistent throughout.

Why are they so popular?

The popularity of the self-balancing scooter has been rising steadily and this definitely has a lot to do with celebrities and social media. The impact that celebrities have on consumers is never to be underestimated! Since huge mega stars have been seen parading around on their scooters on Instagram and other social media outlets, the storm from the public has been impressive. Justin Bieber is just one of these celebrities and even established and respected stars such as Jamie Foxx have been seen using the scooters. However, the popularity of the product cannot be attributed to celebrity usage alone. The self-balancing scooter has also been termed as the ‘Hoverboard’ due to the feeling of riding it. Been as 2015 is ‘Back to the Future Year’ it’s not out of the question to think that people are excited about the product because of this connection. The hoverboard in ‘Back to the Future’ has always been the one thing that people desperately wanted to happen. Nobody really believed that the time would come in the exact year specified in the film. Yet it has! Self-balancing scooters have propelled us forward into the future and the popularity is not going to wane any time soon.

How fashion shows are increasingly being filmed by drones

Drones and quadcopters are something we are used to her during wars and in severe military emergency situations. But, the situation definitely seems to be changing these days.

In recent times, there’s something doing the rounds in the fashion circuit. Yes! It’s called a fashion drone.  It functions like the usual drones we all are aware of, only instead of engaging into warfare tactics, it films beautiful ladies walking down the ramp in some of the most gorgeous and fashionable apparels across the world.

Usage of drones are getting increasingly popular with the fashion world and fashion circle and it is also a bit on the higher side of the expenses.

Check out this video to see for yourself:

Apart from the fashion drones, quadcopters are also being largely used in filming high profile fashion shows.

Quadcopters are a variety of small sized of helicopter with choppers all around and propellers.  They are also usually termed as rotorcraft and are basically multirotor helicopter. The best quadcopters and drones have stunning photography capabilities such as the Parrot AR Drone 2.0.

Now, we have discussed and shed light on the fact that quadcopters and drones (fashion drone to be specific) are extensively being used in filming and recording fashion shows and now it is our turn to look for the reasons behind this increasing trend.

The reasons are pretty clear though. At the fashion shows, whether the high profile ones or a less extravagant one, a lot of happens, really a lot of happens. All those happenings are essentially very important for both the organizers, audience, participants and for all and sundry who are involved with these fashion shows in some way the other.

Well, to cut long story short, the primary reason for increasing filming of fashion shows through drones and quadcopters is the security. Quadcopters and fashion drones can record everything and also have the capacity to broadcast the fashion show from all angles. So, it is really a very handy to keep tab on such busy and important event through these devices.

Another among the other reasons are the increasing popularity and advancement of the media. This is particularly for the people are increasingly becoming media savvy and to cater those audiences for entertainment basis who wants to get a bite of every details and the happenings in their favorite fashion shows.

Hence, for these of the above mentioned reasons, primarily fashion shows are increasingly being filmed by quadcopters and drones.

Top Trending Bedroom fashion styles

bedroom-stylesThe bedroom is something that is all our own and very private. It’s like our own world to all of us and that’s why all most everyone wants to decorate them in a very trendy as well as in a stylish way which will help us feeling relaxed and refreshed once we are in our bedroom as this place is meant to be.

How you will style your bedroom depends entirely on one’s own taste, fashion and style sense. There are a number of bedroom styling trens these days which have been picked up by many to style their bedroom in a trendy way.

Bedroom style also depicts one’s psychological aspects. In this article, we will look into some trending bedroom fashions.

Floral art decors

If you are in love with subtleness and yet want something soothing and visually attractive, you should go with a light floral decors in your bedroom. You can have your wall painted in light yellow or off white with mild floral paintings coupled with curtains, bedsheets and other bedroom accessories with floral prints and designs.

Florals have always been classical yet a trendy in the field of bedroom decor which is considered both fashionable and trendy which is a rare combination indeed.

Vibrant and radiant

Yes! If these traits matches up well with your personality, then it will be a great idea to style your bedroom around these two keywords. To start with, you can decorate your bedroom floors, walls in a vibrant purplish color combined with orchids print and design on curtain and bedsheets. But, before you jump to any conclusion, always keep in mind that this color, designs and styles are not for everyone and you should only opt for it you love these colors.

A traditional flat bed with plush mattress will perfectly compliment the radiant and vibrant bedroom style and no points for guessing that this style is currently trending. For extra comfort opt for one of the best memory foam mattresses, you read reviews online.


Now, this design has been the hot cake among the recent bedroom fashion trends. Wooden panels, use of stones and bricks are the main ingredients you will require style your bedroom in a unique fashion. If you are a nature lover, then surely styling your bedroom in nature theme accompanied by some vintage styled wooden furniture and a bed with wooden frame will surely make you sleep very peacefully and in an excellent way.

Rustic décor

Another trending bedroom decoration is of the rustic theme. As evident from its name the core idea behind decorating your bedroom in a rustic way is to make it look natural, raw and rugged. Usually material colors, tree branch colors are used to style your bedroom in this theme.

Blues Blue

Blues blue is one of my favourite colours and I bet it’s the favourite of many of us and styling your bedroom in all blues has been trending since many years and I bet it will continue trending for a long time to come as blue always stand for blissful, charming and eternal.

Seashell Braid and French Braid: Perfect for Wedding Celebration

Seashell Braid and French Braid

The seashell braid with French fishtail looks cool and romantic. Though the steps are a bit complex, it will result as a worthy effort. First you need to comb the hair to remove the tangles and divide the hair into three sections. Create a braid that looks like a seashell. Fix the braid with an elastic band till the neck point. Now, you can use the remaining hair to make a funny and fresh fishtail. Twist the fishtail to create a beautiful low bun hairstyle.

Perfect for Wedding Celebration

The other name of braid is plait. It is commonly preferred for wedding and party celebrations. Moreover, the braid gives a neat appearance and helps to keep your hair falling away from the face. It helps to avoid tangles and remains neat for long durations. Nowadays, models have started to walk the ramp with several braid variations. The French braid helps to keep your entire head neat when you braided it. You need to do french braids by taking three equal portions of hair from the top and then gradually bring down adding section to the plait. It has become the most popular braided hairstyle preferred by stars and models.

The other popular coronet hairstyles are standard braid, crown braid, and fishtail braid.

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Latest Coronet Hairstyles for this Season

Hairstyles for this Season

Flower updo hairstyle looks really fabulous and elegant. It is easy to create and looks stunning. To create a braided flower hairstyle, you need to first choose natural flowers or material flowers suitable to your dress color. It should be contrast to your hair color. Comb your hair and create a ponytail. Now divide the hair into three parts and start to braid each section. You need to pull the edges of the braid in the outward direction. Bend the section of the hair separately and tighten it with a bobby pin. Now, hide the ends of the hair by tucking or folding them below a thick braid.

Latest Coronet Hairstyles

Messy fishtail bun is a charming hairstyle that totally catches the entire crowd’s eyes on your hairstyle. It provides a fun and elegant look. To create a messy fishtail bun, first divide your hair into two equal sections. You have to start from the middle and divide. Now start to create fishtail braids one after the other. Fix the ends of the hair with elastic bands. Twist it and pin it beneath your neck. These coronet hairstyles remain suitable for both wedding and casual events. Once you start to learn few braids, you can start to create your own braid using your creativity. When it is decorated with flowers, it will appear like a versatile hairstyle.

Read More Ways To Get The Correct Skin Care Product

Ways To Get The Correct Skin Care Product

Skin Care Product

Skin Care products play an important role in maintaining a healthy skin. The choice of skin care products will vary according to the type of the skin of the person. It is necessary to have the requirements, allergies and other skin related issues in mind before choosing a product that suits best.

It is advisable to get branded and reputed products from the market. Have a close look at the ingredients used in the skin care product. It will be better to go organic rather than using the product that uses chemicals. Ask for referrals from the people who already use such products for their skin care. In order to get best results after using the product, the following points will be handy.

Skin Care Product1

First, wash the face with water before starting the application of the product on the skin. It will be better to apply it on a small area of the skin and wait for some time to make sure there are no side effects. Not all makeup can be removed with the help of water; in such situations, cleansers will be handy.

It is advisable to keep the skin damp and hot while applying the skin care products as it will be easily absorbed. Never over-exfoliate the skin. According to the temperature and climate of the environment, the skin care product needs to be changed for good results. If required, a dermatologist can be consulted before starting to use a product.

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Guide to Improve Skin Complexion

Improve Skin Complexion

Looking good is everyone’s wish. Everyone wants to look charming, beautiful and attractive. Your skin color or complexion of your skin also adds to your beauty. It is not always important to have a fair complexion. Some people have a little dark complexion having good physique also look good. Having bad skin complexion can be a problem for some, as they get depressed due to their skin tone. As skin is one of the most important aspects of your body, and mostly the first thing noticed by others, it needs proper care.
According to your wish, you can do various things to improve your skin tone. There are mainly two ways you can try. The most common method to fight your bad complexion is by using various skin products like creams, lotions, gels, and oils.
These different beauty products do not give permanent results as this is because they remove the consequences of the problem but not the actual problem. There are mainly two ways that help you achieve permanent results – drinking plenty of water and having a proper regular diet.
By following the proper diet chart, you can surely achieve good skin complexion. There are various healthy food items and fruits available, which are good in vitamins and minerals, and even anti-oxidants that are not only beneficial for your health but also help to improve your skin complexion.

Tips for Great Skin Care

Woman applying moisturizer cream on face. Close-up fresh woman face.

People today long for bright and healthy skin, which is something seems to be very hard for most people. With the rapid rise in pollution and changes in climate/temperature, our skin easily gets affected, thus resulting in unhealthy look. With proper skin care, one can enjoy healthy skin while having an active and tough lifestyle. Following are some tips for general skin care that works effectively for all.
Cleansing is one of the basic and simple procedures to keep the skin in better health. Cleansing is all about washing the skin regularly at least 2-3 times in a day. You can use favorite/suitable soap or liquid to wash the skin. This cleansing helps to remove the dirt, excess oil and microbes on the skin. Regular cleansing would prevent the dirt and bacteria settling deep into the skin.
Moisturizing is the process of keeping your skin hydrated. Usually, skin becomes dry and would lose the essential oils. By applying a good moisturizer, the skin does not get dried up.
Exfoliation is a process that helps to remove dead cells on the skin surface. Usually, the skin produces new dead cells while the old cells die and come off from the skin. However, sometimes the old cell may build up on the skin surface make you look aged and unhealthy. With good exfoliation, one would remove the dead cells quickly and immediately to have bright and energetic skin.
Apart from an external application, it is also necessary to follow a proper diet. Eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and avoiding taking harmful drugs, would help improve your health.

Natural Skin Care Products For Your Face

Natural Skin Care Products

The face is an important part of the body, and it is essential to give proper importance to it as many people will get impressed only by seeing the face of a person. Major part of skin care and cosmetics available in the market are related to face for this purpose. However, one has to be very careful while selecting a face product as it is a sensitive area. Acne and aging will be the two main factors that will be affecting the look of a person very badly.

There are some basic tips that will help in maintaining the various skin types in an effective manner. First will be the normal skin that will look fresh just after a face wash. So get a gentle foaming face wash and use it. If required use toner. Next is the dry skin that will require creamy cleanser. It will be better to avoid soaps in such cases. In case of oily skin, foamy face wash will be advised along with oil free moisturizer. But when a person is using the skin care product for the first time it will be better to use it on a particular area in a very small amount.

Winter Fashion Ideas To Look Best

Fashion Ideas To Look Best

Fashion is an aspect that constantly changes with time. To make a statement, you need to get the basics right, and the whole process becomes very simple. By saying basics, we mean the understanding of your body type, the outfits that will suit you, knowledge of the colour palette and so on. If you are aware of these basics, you can stay fashionable this winter by staying unique. Winter fashions translate to adding different layers to your outfit keeping you warm in the chilling and cold climate, and still look modern and trendy.

You can stay up-to-date with the winter fashion trends by referring fashion magazines and browsing fashion related websites. This move will equip you with the latest fashion trends. You can wear tight fitted pants or jeans and team them up with long coats. The coats can be furry and trendy, and you can use scarves that are attractive. Cool cardigans have become an essential inclusion in your winter wardrobe. They are preferred as they not only provide enough layering to keep you warm, but also provide a more sophisticated look. The cardigans are available in different colours to suit outfits of any hues. Also, jackets and blazers are gaining traction among fashion lovers.

Besides clothes, the winter fashion accessories are also in trend. Some of the accessories suitable for the winter season are discussed here. Well, winter boots, leather clutches, scarves, bags and flat caps are the popular winter fashion accessories that are making rounds lately. Also, jewellery such as art deco jewellery and chunky necklaces are the latest fashion accessories.